Veteran Admissions



Ride for Joy applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Weigh 200 lbs or less
  • Physically able to sit with torso vertical and legs astride the horse
  • Physically able to maintain head and neck position without assistance


RFJ may have a waiting list for services.  Following receipt of a completed, mailed application, the student’s name is placed on the waiting list (if applicable).  The application is screened to determine if there are any physical or mental contraindications that would make equine assisted activities inappropriate for the applicant.  If not, and there is room for new participants on the current schedule, an evaluation will be scheduled.  All applicants are evaluated before being admitted to the program to ensure that riding lessons can be safely provided and benefit the rider.

An evaluation is also required for returning individuals who have not participated in Ride for Joy for more than 12 months and may be required for other returning individuals, at the sole discretion of the Ride for Joy staff.

The following documents must be reviewed in order to complete a Student Application:

Please view each document individually:

Or, download the above documents as one Information Packet:

PAY HERE-only make a payment after you have received an invoice.

To speed up processing, please reference your Ride for Joy Invoice number on all payments.