Streamlined Application Process

The staff at Ride for Joy are always looking for ways to improve and streamline the process of entering the program.  From reducing the wait list length to pairing down the paperwork, getting into riding lessons should not bring extra stress for anyone.

One such frustration has been the need to use snail mail (what year is it?!) to send in applications.  No longer!  

RFJ now has two more efficient methods of applying for the program.  The first is to scan and email completed paperwork to  The second is to fax it to 1 208 550-3208.  Faxes will be received as emails to continue ensuring all information is kept confidential.  

As doctors' offices are bound by HIPAA requirements and can not email releases, the fax number allows participant physicians to email releases directly to the barn.  No more waiting for releases to be mailed to the house and then mailed to the barn.

Isn't progress swell?!