Special Thanks to Dr. Brooke Kelly

The horses at RFJ have been enjoying the benefits of equine chiropractic care thanks to Dr. Brooke Kelly of LEADING ANIMAL CHIROPRACTIC. Dr. Kelly has donated much of her time spent at the barn to help ensure the herd is in excellent physical condition so they can support riders of all types and needs.

Dr. Kelly’s work begins with identifying “where there is a joint that is not moving properly in the person or animal (which puts pressure on a nerve, which causes pain)…called a subluxation.” She then applies “a quick thrust into the joint space; opening in the joint, thus taking pressure off the unhealthy nerve…called an adjustment.”

The benefits of chiropractic adjustments are numerous. An adjustment “puts motion back into a joint or joints that are not moving properly and are causing pain.” It “will help insure that muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs connected to the affected unhealthy nerve are working at an improved level” and can help prevent further damage to the spinal cord and connected areas.

Additionally, “chiropractic treatments can lower stress/anxiety and increase flexibility/mobility of the body” and “can strengthen muscle function and help improve overall well-being.”

If you have a horse or animal who may benefit from chiropractic care, visit her website at https://www.leadinganimalchiropractic.com/blank-qphxc.