Lakota Leaves Lives Changed

Lakota, a flashy paint mare who graced RFJ with her sensitivity for four years, has retired from the barn.  She was known by riders, volunteers and staff for her responsiveness to the lightest cues while maintaining a quietness despite the wildest of games and activities around her.  

Many riders fell completely in love with Lakota, calling her "my horse" and requesting to ride her each session.  She helped all of her riders achieve many riding goals as well as gain confidence and strength.  

Lakota's experience and success at Ride for Joy are likely to make her a perfect fit in her new home.  Her new owner, a long time horse person, had injuries that made riding difficult to continue.  The rider needed a solid mount on which to regain sureness and skill horseback and Lakota fit the bill.

Though no one at RFJ wanted to see her go, everyone is excited for Lakota's new job continuing to help riders reach their highest potential.

Many thanks to Terri Manning for supporting RFJ by leasing Lakota to the program.

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