Thank you for helping RFJ raise over $5,600!

Raise 2 Ride ~ The Top 9 Teams

1st Place - The Buck Stops Here "Staff Team"

2nd Place - Team Israel and Smalls

3rd Place - 24 Carats "Board Team"

4th Place - TIE - Team Eowyn and Chance & Team Lea and Brewster

5th Place - TIE - Team Mayzie and Sassy & Team Michael and Sassy

6th Place - Team Patty and Shimmy

7th Place - TIE - Team Victoria and Chance & Keep Calm and Walk On "Volunteer Team"

8th Place - Team Kirsten and Smalls

9th - The Mane Attraction "Horse Team"



Raise 2 Ride is an opportunity to support the participants and horses at Ride for Joy and a great way for everyone to be a part of the team! All donations, no matter the amount, make a positive impact on Ride for Joy's equine assisted activities.

The true cost of one equine assisted activity is $125. Ride for Joy only charges $10 and also offers a scholarship program for those in need. 


rfj-1 copy.jpg

The buck stops here "staff team"



team israel & smalls

PPL Concert 2017 (224).jpg

24 carats "board team"



team Eowyn & Chance

brewster and rider.jpg


Sassy and Rider 2.jpg

Team mayzie & sassy


team Michael & sassy

Shimmy and Veteran 1.jpg

Veteran Team patty & shimmy

Chance and Rider 1.jpg

team victoria & chance

Cindy and wonderful volunteers.JPG

Keep calm and walk on "volunteer team"


Smalls and Rider 1.jpg

Team kirsten & smalls


the mane attraction "horse team"