Raise 2 Ride

Raise 2 Ride is an opportunity to support the participants and horses at Ride for Joy and a great way for everyone to be a part of the team! All donations, no matter the amount, make a positive impact on Ride for Joy's equine assisted activities.

The true cost of one equine assisted activity is $125. Ride for Joy only charges $10 and also offers a scholarship program for those in need. The goal is to raise $15,000 for the program to continue providing these important activities.

Your donation also enters your name in a Scentsy Basket raffle! 

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The buck stops here "staff team"

Some competition is coming to the Ride for Joy barn! The Bucks Stop Here is gearing up as a staff team to raise money for the amazing program. The Board of Directors, volunteers, participants and supporters are all getting ready to have some friendly competition to see who can raise the most! The Bucks Stop Here is working hard to raise funds for their passion at the barn. The staff heard that the horses are getting their hooves in gear to take on the fundraising challenge as well! Can the Ride for Joy staff come in first place with raising the most money? Will the Board of Directors take the lead by surprise? Are the horses going to create a team to beat everyone?! Or will some of the outstanding students leave some teams in the dust? Stay tuned to find out who wins. Even better…you can donate to The Bucks Stop Here staff team to raise funds and support Ride for Joy in this deserving campaign.

Click here to donate to "the buck stops here"
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24 carats "board team"

24 Carats is teaming up as the Board of Directors to raise money in honor of Ride for Joy! The Board supports the riders, horses, staff and program to help equine assisted activities possible. 24 Carats believe that they can take first place in this fun campaign with the help of their passion and dedication. Will you donate to 24 Carats board team to accomplish this goal?

Click here to donate to "24 carats"

the mane attraction "horse team"

The Mane Attraction horse team is putting their hooves together to raise money for their program! “We love when riders come to the barn and spend time with us. All we want to do is support them.” The Ride for Joy horses are serious about raising funds to make Ride for Joy possible. “Our goal is to raise the amount of the staff and board combined! We know that our riders will also be raising amazing funds to support our barn.”

Click here to donate to "the Mane attraction"
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Keep calm and walk on "volunteer team"

The volunteers are joining forces to raise the most money for Raise 2 Ride! "Our hard work and dedication makes our team invincible. We plan to raise funds for all of the horses and rider at Ride for Joy." The volunteers are a determined team, and are driven to make their goal of raising $5,000! 

Click Here to donate to "Keep calm and walk on"


Donate to team lea & brewster

team Michael & sassy

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team alexis & smalls

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team Eowyn & Chance

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team will & sassy

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team noah & chance

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Donate to team israel & smalls

Donate to team israel & smalls
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Donate to team david & Shimmy

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team victoria & chance

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team rich & Bella

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Veteran team brian & smalls

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Veteran Team patty & shimmy

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Veteran team dayne & sassy

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team Roman & bella

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Team joaquin & smalls

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team gabe & shimmy

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team jack & chance

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team benjamin & sassy

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Team kirsten & smalls

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Team mayzie & sassy

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team spencer & shimmy

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Team ruby & chance

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