Raise 2 Ride

July 23rd - August 14, 2019

Raise 2 Ride is your opportunity to support participants, horses and Ride for Joy! Every donation, no matter the amount, can make a positive impact in your community.

The true cost of one equine assisted activity is over $200. Ride for Joy only charges $10 per lesson and also offers full scholarships to those in need of assistance.

Our Goal is to raise $17,000!

Donations will provide tuition assistance and scholarships to participants, as well as horse care for our four legged heroes.

Funds Raised $4,950 of $17,000

(Updated weekly)


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The buck stops here "staff team"

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24 carats "board team"

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Keep calm and walk on "volunteer team"

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the mane attraction "horse team"

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team eowyn & Shimmy

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team Connor & Bella

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team natalie & sassy

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team nathan & shimmy

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team brie & brewster

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team alexis & junior

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team michael & Galaxy

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team ely & galaxy

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team victoria & sassy

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team spencer & shimmy

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team zoe & brewster

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veteran team brian & aragon

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veteran team patty & shimmy

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veteran team laurie & brewster

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team carter & junior

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team israel & galaxy

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team david & bella

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team will & sassy

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team roman & galaxy

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team mayzie & Sassy

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team gabe & junior

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Veteran team dan & Shimmy

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Veteran team becca & Junior

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veteran team elizabeth & shimmy

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veteran team dana & Brewster

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veteran team deb & Chloe

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