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Volunteer Coordinator Position

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the overall management and over-site of the volunteer function in areas of recruitment, data entry, training, coordination, scheduling, administrative, and record keeping for the Ride for Joy Therapeutic Riding Program.   

A basic knowledge of facility care, administrative and good communication skills with students, staff and volunteers will be essential. Must have some horse knowledge, volunteer experience, and positive people skills. A dedicated work ethic, an open mind, and a desire to continue learning and to help others is vital.  A good knowledge of computer systems, administration, and management skills is required.

Requires someone with a flexible schedule and able to work independently and at times from a remote location.

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Ride for Joy Therapeutic Riding Program

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Ride for Joy Therapeutic Riding Program is a Premier Accredited Center of PATH Intl. Our mission is to provide professional and compassionate equine assisted activities and therapies to individuals with special needs, military veterans and active duty personnel.

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“My son is 37 and autistic. Although he has been on horse rides before, never has he been taught to ride: to start, stop, turn, trot, stand up, ride over objects, and back up. He has been taught all of these things since starting the program eight months ago. Each lesson is different yet builds on the foundation of the previous lesson. At home, I train staff for many weeks. At Ride for Joy, I give the instructors one guideline and they know exactly how to give my son a safe, successful, educational, and enjoyable riding experience. No matter what kind of day my son is having, he is always ready to go to Ride for Joy. If he is reluctant to do something on a Ride for Joy day, all I have to do is say, ‘Do this so we can go to Ride for Joy’ and pow!, it gets done. Ride for Joy is the highlight of our week. The Ride for Joy lessons provide my son a time to connect and learn and to experience thrill and freedom. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
— Father of Rider

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