About the Herd

Ride for Joy does not accept donated horses.

All of the horses at Ride for Joy are under yearly full care leases, meaning that RFJ has exclusive use of each horse in exchange for covering the expenses of their routine care and management.  This allows staff to maintain ongoing training and ensure that each horse’s workload stays within standards set by RFJ and PATH Intl.  

Some horse owners choose to fund the ongoing care of their horse through a generous tax-deductible donation, allowing RFJ to expand and serve more participants.

In general, horses appropriate for RFJ programming meet the following criteria:

  • Fit and healthy

  • Sound at all three gaits (walk, trot, canter/lope)

  • Calm temperament

  • People/kid friendly

  • Extremely well trained in the arena

  • Between the ages of 8 years and 18 years

If you have a horse that you would like to care lease to Ride for Joy, please fill out and mail (28379 El Paso Rd. Caldwell, ID 83607) or fax (1 208 550-3208) the Horse Evaluation Form to the barn.  A RFJ staff will get back to you regarding any openings in the herd and whether your horse would be a good fit.

Questions? Contact Brandy Horsley-Krajnik at bkrajnik@rideforjoy.org

"We are so grateful for RFJ and all the generous horse owners who provide use of their animals - the benefits and joy are boundless!" ~Mother of Rider

Meet the Ride for Joy Horses!



Sassy is an APHA mare with a background in drill team work who came to RFJ in 2017.  Fortunately for RFJ, she really didn’t love being a drill horse, but she does love therapeutic riding!  

The name Sassy does not fit her kind and easy going personality, unless a gelding gets too close to her personal bubble.  She quietly accepts new things introduced into her world and maintains a sweet attitude in almost all circumstances, but she lets the boys know with a quick look when they get too close!  It is easy to tell when Sassy is at her happiest and calmest state.  Her head gets lower and lower at the walk until she almost drags her nose on the ground! 



Shimmy is an AQHA mare who came to the program in 2017 as a possible fill-in horse.  Her services were required when another horse needed a break and Shimmy more than saved the day.  She quickly became a favorite among volunteers and riders due to her quietness, silky smooth gait, and extensive training. Shimmy has been a drill team instructor's horse since she was four, allowing her to experience all kinds of settings and people and keeping her training at the highest level. 

Her fill-in status was quickly changed to full time, go-to status thanks to her many amazing qualities, not the least of which is her complete joy when being scratched in her favorite spots.



Bella is an Appaloosa mare who returned to the program in 2018 after taking a pasture break, and she is happy to be back to work at the barn.  She is known for having an opinion about many activities and always looking for entertainment.  Her big, muscular frame makes her great for adults and veterans and her smooth gait is excellent for unsteady riders.  Bella's desire to think for herself allows her to safely challenge more experienced riders to increase their skills.  Thanks to her large size and extra large personality, Bella is a horse to love.  



aka Alex

Galaxy is a pinto Saddlebred/Quarter Horse cross gelding who came to RFJ in 2019. His extensive experience in dressage, combined with an exceptionally quiet demeanor and smooth, easy stride, made him a quick fit in the program.

Galaxy’s willingness and training, along with his medium height, suit him well to many riders, both supported and independent. He has established himself as a go-to for any type of rider and is beloved by staff for his absolute consistency.



Junior is a chesnut AQHA gelding who’s early life as a high level, competitive cutting horse gave him the skills and training to excel as a therapeutic riding horse.

He joined the herd in the spring of 2019, along with his best friend, Galaxy. His short, stout stature make him an excellent option for small and average sized riders who thrive with a sense of stability. His extensive training also gives more advanced riders the opportunity to extend their skills. But its his adorable face and large, kind eyes that endear him to all those he meets.



This gentle giant, a Shire/Appaloosa cross gelding, came to the barn in the summer of 2019 to fill a need for horses stout enough to support our adult riders. Standing at 17+ hands, he is no small guy!

Everyone who meets Thor immediately comments on his sweet and curious attitude. His long, elevated stride makes him a safe challenge for more experienced riders looking to improve their skills.



A petite Morgan mare, Twisty joined RFJ’s herd in the fall of 2019. Her lifetime of experience as a kids horse in a youth drill team made her a shoe-in for the program.

Nothing flaps Twisty after years of traveling around the Northwest performing in rodeos large and small and toting kids through parades, all without a saddle or bridle. Her smaller stature and complete steadiness easily suit even the tiniest, most timid riders.

Thanks to Shauna Rae's Photography for the beautiful equine head shots.

Thanks to Shauna Rae's Photography for the beautiful equine head shots.